Why Choose Us

At L & B Promoters, we aim at continually developing our outdoor advertising products to foster our clients with effective and technologically updated products. Together, we are your reliable medium to take your brand anywhere, anytime to convert crowd to clients!

State Of Art Marketing

We aspire to boost your brand by uniting mobility and innovation. Our unique approach of maximizing the visual impact through the state-of-art of marketing on wheels using LED display can play multiple billboards, promotional audio and video of your brand all in one go!

Best Medium

The best marketing strategy to draw the attention of people on the move is through outdoor mobile advertising. In comparison to other mainstream promotional options being followed from the past, outdoor mobile advertising is turning out to be proven medium to drive in leads.

Assured Visibility

In marketing option like hoarding the brand will be advertised only at a fixed location. People may or may not pass through, may or may not notice and may or may not consider your product. When comes to LED advertising on vehicles, your ad is taken to different locations depending on the then population - and the result is assured visibility! In addition, we also have GPS tracking application that allows you to have a track of the location where your brand is being advertised at that very moment. Stay assured!